About Avdor Group

Avdor Group acts as an agent and distributor of a worldwide leading manufacturers of Electronic Components, Audio/Video solutions, large screen technology, Telecommunication equipment and Turn-Key manufacture of cable assemblies and integrated systems.


The group includes number of companies which are leading in the Israeli High-Tech field, considered as leader suppliers and offering number of different lines and services.


Each of the companies is concentrating & specializing in a specific field. This makes each company a very unique and professional source to provide solutions, technical support and advice. The companies are distributing by stocking of the associated lines .


Avdor Group is one of the leaders companies with a very good personal relationship with the decision makers in the Israeli market .


AVDOR Group established in 1989 in Israel as a leading agent, distributor and solution provider for projects with challenging applications.

The AVDOR Group includes diversified privately held companies dealing with worldwide activities, each company considered as a leading supplier in the Israeli market.

AVDOR Group has known as one of the leaders in Israel, acting as one house for customers, from an early advice up to a final supply.

Include a comprehensive services, project design, operation, installation and after sales support.

From components level, cable assemblies, integration systems assemblies, embedded computing, through telecommunications accessories, project managements and operation of full turn-key for solutions.

This makes each company a very unique and professional source to support you and to provide solutions.

Each company operates independently concentrating & specializing in a specific field guided by the group management.  Companies share knowhow and experiences, engage in joint activities and benefit from a common management structure.

This makes each company a very unique and professional source to support and to provide solutions.

Our leadership is dedicated, experienced and forward-thinking
World leading manufactures found AVDOR Group as a local partner to represent and distribute them.

The management team has an excellent experience and very a very good personal relationship with the decision makers in the Israeli market.

The Group is active in the following applications: Aerospace, Military, Navy, Nuclear, Medical, Test & Measurements, Research, Machines, Industrial control, Public sector, Information systems, Automotive, Audio Video, Communication and more.

The entire AVDOR Group organization is aligned behind one mission: Deliver superior, long-term investment results and service

Thank you for the continued trust you place in Avdor.



AVDOR Technology Ltd.

Agent and distributor of a worldwide leading and professional Manufacturers of electronic components. Specialize in the electro mechanical field and professional in Connector’s solutions. Supply of components and customized Solutions by using the capabilities of the represented Companies and the AVDOR Group.

AVDOR Systems Ltd.

Provider of Professional Audio / Video solutions, one of the leading company for turnkey projects either Control Rooms & Dealing Rooms niche. Representative the leading companies for the Israeli and Palestinian authority of HYUNDAI IT Korea for Digital Signage and PC Monitors, ERICH- KELLER Switzerland for Modern & flexibility furnitures, ADEO Italy for Projection screens, AMX USA for control & Signage matrixes and ARTHUR HOLM Spain for modern signage. The company serve direct clients from Military, Government instituted, Industries, Educations & High schools, Stock exchange & Banks, Public & Private companies, etc.


Agent and distributor of leading manufacturers of Telecommunication products include headsets, IP Phones and Related Products Provider for Call Recording solutions include Special implementations. From the supply of accessories up to big Projects, include customer support and full maintenance & services.


Develop, design and markets call recording and monitoring, Customer Interaction Optimization (CIO) solutions for the global Communication Market. CIS is an innovative company that places product quality and technical service right at the top of their agenda. CIS aims to deliver innovate solution based on new cutting-edge technologies like VoIP, Media Processing, Data Mining etc. CIS severs the evolving needs of system integrators, service providers with cost-effective, easy to deploy, high performance products and solutions.

AVDOR Investments Ltd.

Holding and ownership of property including buildings which are in use by Avdor Group.

AVDOR Engineering Ltd.

Provider of full Turn-key solutions. Years of experience, design and engineering capabilities to provide solutions and cost reduction. Professional team for project management and implementation of a complicated jobs. Personal involvement from the design through supply of the first sample up to a full production run.

AVDOR Helet Ltd.

Our mission to deliver the best possible local customer service, Technical resources and overall marketing and sales support provider of electronic production tools and Equipment, Provider of integrated value added solutions (VAR) computing designs, validates and builds high performing technical compute platforms. Based on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) , Embedded Computing , Data acquisition, Boards & Systems Server Solutions, in the Healthcare, Industrial Security, Military/Rugged.